It wasn’t that long ago that Leighton was on her Winter Tour, remember? Like a troubadour she sang her way across the US from Alexandria VA to San Francisco, CA.
In February she squeezed in a trip to The AV Club studios in Chicago to participate in their Undercover series. The result is this really charming cover of the The Cardigans’ 90s classic Lovefool
Check it out
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed her cover of Lovefool. But my favorite cover is without a doubt the one she did during her tour of Loretta Lynn’s country classic You Aint Woman Enough. Watch and tell me what you think in the comments.

“Lovefool” or “You Ain’t Woman Enough”?

The reason I favor “You Ain’t Woman Enough” is because she really makes it her own. It’s not a straight cover. Plus you can see she’s having so much fun singing it. She’s so SASSY swinging her hips! lolol There’s a joyfulness in her performance. When I watched this clip the first time I thought “Someone needs to cast this woman in the next Coal Miner’s Daughter” It would be the perfect marriage of her talents. Seriously this needs to happen! (By the way if you’ve never seen this film you need to. Sissy Spaceck is amazing as Loretta Lynn. But I’ve got to say Tommy Lee Jones’s Doolittle and Beverly D’Angelo’s Pasty Cline shine too. It’s sooo good! And I think it’s one of Leighton’s recent favs too.)
Be sure to check out the short interview video from AV Club and 40 HQ screencaps from me. If you want to discuss Leighton, Ed, Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl, or really anything else in more detail be sure to join us in the Forums 🙂
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40 HQ Screencaps of the Interview and LoveFool Performance

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