On April 2nd Leighton performed with her friend and frequent duet partner, the lovely Dana Williams at the Full Moon Bazaar and Many Hopes Charity event at the Skybar at Mondrian.   The event was hosted by the model Shaun Ross and benefited one of Leighton’s favorite charities Many Hopes .
Many Hopes is a non-profit committed to building schools and homes for children in Kenya. Leighton actually has a fundraising page for Many Hopes, titled Team Meester and until recently she was personally responding to every donor. I think that’s pretty cool. Check it out and donate what you can. 🙂
P20s was lucky enough to get invited, along with several other Leighton fans on instagram by the event organizer Rachel McCord. Unfortunately none of us live in LA but our super cool amazing LA friend Tati went in our place.
Tati didn’t get to meet or take a picture with Leighton because Leighton hurried off stage after her performance. (In retrospect this may have been because of her pregnancy?). However, Dana was very sweet and stopped for the photo on the right. Tati also spotted Amanda Setton at the event and lucky for us surreptitiously snapped a pic lol. In case you forgot, Amanda played Blair’s minion (and IMO Chuck and Blair’s love child from the future) Penelope.
Another fun Gossip Girl connection: Alice Callahan, who played Blair’s ditzy but delightful minion Jessica, has chaired events and traveled to Kenya on Many Hopes’ behalf. I’m betting she’s the one that brought Many Hopes to Leighton’s attention in the first place.
Enjoy 68 Pictures (11 HQ) Here
And Leighton singing Heartstrings and Dana singing The Lonely One below
Huge thanks to Tati for all the pics and videos and sharing your “brush with greatness”with us! Sorry you never got the gift bag you were promised


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