Ever since we saw the following paparazzi pics of a glowing Leighton displaying her baby bump I’ve seen a number of tweets expressing this sentiment:

Leighton Meester is pregnant but it’s not Ed Westwick’s baby! #WAIL #CRY #MYLIFEISALIE

Look, I’m not the twitter police. As long as you aren’t attacking real people I personally do not care what you tweet. Go for it. If you annoy me? There’s always the block button. I’m sure the vast majority of people tweeting their disappointment know the difference between reality and fiction and most of them were just having fun. Plus I’ve got to say, it would be futile for me to lecture every person who calls Leighton “Blair” or Ed “Chuck” (or Adam “Seth”) given the sheer volume of articles I’ve seen recently – from major sites mind you- congratulating “Seth and Blair” on their future OC/Gossip Girl Schwartz-verse baby. Bottom line, that’s not what this post is about.
Instead of going that route, I simply wanted to express a little appreciation for Adam Brody and explain why I like him and Leighton as a celebrity couple. You can take it or leave it. Lol. Notably, my appreciation for Adam is not due to residual affection from his days of playing Seth Cohen. Confession: I’ve only watched scenes from The OC sporadically. I know Seth Cohen (along with Pacey Witter from Dawson’s Creek) is the ideal male teen show lead character and people gush about him to this day but I haven’t watched a lot of traditional teen shows. Just the subversive twisty variety of teen shows like Gossip Girl. Lol.
It follows then that my appreciation for Adam has nothing to do with any fantasies I might have about an alternative universe where “Seth” and “Blair” are endgame. I’m happy with endgame in the canon Schwartz-verse. You know the one where Chuck and Blair are happily married 5 years later with an adorable little boy in a bowtie. Where thanks to Eleanor’s matriarchal legacy Blair is a powerful and successful woman independent of any man. Where Chuck Bass has become a man in a way his father Bart Bass never was thanks to his love for Blair and the family they’ve made. I’ll take that endgame thankyouverymuch and I’m sure most Seth and Summer fans are happy with their canon Schwartz-verse endgame too. (Plus remember: Chuck and Blair had no prenup. They are stuck with each other. One life. One wife for the Basshole)
Nor do I like Adam simply because he’s Leighton’s husband. I don’t have to agree with everything Leighton, Ed or anyone else I stan for says or does. I just have to respect their right to their own opinions and their right to make their own choices. Just like I would any other human being.
Hell I’m not even swayed by Adam’s cuteness with Trudy! Look at these pics though. They’re cute right? *sigh* But seriously I’m a HUGE dog lover but I don’t romanticize dog lovers. I’m pretty sure Hitler loved his dogs too so nope. Not a factor. While these pics warm my heart, they aren’t the reason I like Adam.

[gmedia id=208]

I like him for one simple reason. The way he talked about Leighton in a couple of interviews I listened to. The first interview was done right around the time Leighton was prepping for Of Mice and Men I tuned in because I was curious about this dude Leighton married. I wanted to judge for myself whether I liked him. This is what impressed me:
He was so PROUD of her!! Adam was practically crowing about her being on Broadway soon in Of Mice and Men with such a renowned cast and director. A few weeks ago I stumbled across another interview. This one was conducted while Leighton was on tour this year and once again, he was bragging about her. This time about her blowing the roof off a venue she played. Lol.
That may seem like a minor thing to be impressed with but trust me it’s not. Not every man is that secure – particularly when they have a super successful wife like Leighton. His pride shows he’s not just secure but also supportive too. Not bad. I should also note, one of the best things a father can do is model to his children how a man should treat his wife. Therefore Adam has the potential to be a really good dad too. So congrats once again to the happy couple. I don’t know either of you personally (obviously duh) but it sure sounds like you both picked good mates and will be great parents too

~ A


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