Ed spent his birthday attending Walkabout Foundation’s Inaugural Gala with his friend Scott Sullivan. Walkabout Foundation’s mission is to find a cure for paralysis and to provide wheelchairs for people all over the world. And guess who he met? The Big Dawg. Elvis. The 42nd President of the United States: My Boyfriend Bill Clinton!
Ya know, I’ve got say – Chuckles always reminded me a little bit of Bill. Powerful men married to powerful women. Charming, known womanizers. And of course, the sexy lip bite:

Ed of course, is very different from Chuck Bass. But he suit-Ed up like the Bass-man for last nights event. However, there’s no way the MotherChucker would ever take public transport (well other than in the Pilot Episode. lol) Check out 43 Ed pics below (30 are HQ).

[gmedia id=347]

Moving on, in other Ed Westwick Birthday News: The lovely and extremely talented vidder and fanfic writer Cris has completed the Ed Westwick Birthday Project video! Check it out and leave her some positive feedback. You should read and review her fanfiction too đŸ™‚ Major thanks to all the Ed fan girls that helped with this project. You guys are awesome!


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  1. Jill 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for the lovely commentary & pics! Love all you guys so much! <3 The birthday project vid was fantastic! I know Ed will enjoy!

  2. PurpleBowties 2 years ago

    Thank you, Angie. You’re so kind!

    Anyway, lol. Always nice to see Ed in a suit.


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