Ed did Coachella this year in true Ed Westwick style. Rocking a panama straw hat, wearing pants that he appears to have stolen off a pirate and partaking in his fair share of the proverbial wine, women and song lol
Check out the galleries, images and videos below


1. Wine
Let’s just say check out this gallery of 65 pics (56 Fanpics and 11 HQs)

[gmedia id=76]

2. Women
There was a reported deflowering! Actually it’s not as scandalous as it sounds. lol
Youtubber Marissa Rachel wrote about it on her instagram:
I knew Coachella was gunna be crazy, but I never expected that drunk Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) was gunna tell me that I “smell f***ing amazing” in the VIP area and then STEAL my flower headcrown (which wasn’t even mine) I was wearing off my head. I was pissed off at first but I guess being de-flowered by Chuck Bass isn’t so bad ♥ #Basshole #MotherChucker #GossipGirl
She and her friends video taped their quest to get the flower crown back. You can watch it below
3. Song
Check out this cute little video he posted on his instagram

My boy @theroyenglish performing at #Coachella. So incredible!

A post shared by Ed Westwick (@edwestwick) on

Lastly, I just want to add that yes,  I tease/joke about Ed’s let’s say eccentric sartorial style. Not to mention his affection for partying. But it’s all in good fun.  I think the real takeaway from this post should be the sheer volume of fan pics he took at Coachella: 56 Fan pics.  
Think about that for a second. More than 50 pics.  And that’s just the ones I easily found on social media.  He surely took many more that I never found.   Notably, he was NOT on the clock.  He wasn’t promoting his latest project.  He wasn’t performing.  He wasn’t even on set.  He was just trying to have fun with his friends.  But he took the time to take pics with fans.  To me that speaks well of the guy and he deserves a little credit for that
~ A


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