Ed and his Wicked City co-stars were at the TCA ABC Summer Press Tour today. Lots of great HQ and MQ pics in the gallery below
The Hollywood Reporter did a good recap of the discussion about Wicked City. Be sure to read it: ‘Wicked City’: Producers Address Violence, Reveal New Anthology Plans
Ed modeled Kent after Ted Bundy and talked to his mom, who’s a psychologist, about the character. I like the idea that Kent and Betty share a “a folie à deu”. I’m still not sure if Ed is only going to be there for one season or not. I am thinking the Jeremy Sisto character and the other law enforcement characters will be back when the show goes into new eras but not sure if Kent, A SERIAL KILLER, will be. He may end up being a “One and Done” character like Taissa Farmiga’s character and Erika Christenson’s character.
Here are a few tweets of things Ed said at the panel

Really cute old story from someone else at the panel

We also got some Gossip Girl cast goodness from Ed!
This little interview is really cute. I love that Ed defends Chuck’s growth and development and MENTIONS HENRY BASS! It’s cute that he proposes a cross-over reunion with Chace on Blood and Oil lol But the highlight to me is this comment he makes about the Gossip Girl cast:
“They’re all like family to me”
Ed also reveals that he sent a text to Blake after her baby James was born! RE: Leighton, he says the following “I haven’t seen her lately, but I’m sure she’s doing absolutely fine. She’s a great girl.”
Chace had a cute response to the idea of a cross-over reunion lol

UPDATED: Check out this amazing new photoshoot Ed did at the TCAs. 9 HQ Pics – 3 with his lovely co-star Erika Christensen Untagged

[gmedia id=482]

UPDATED: Here are the pics I’ve found so far from the event. 145 Total 128 HQ Untagged

[gmedia id=475]


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