Ed spoke to the students at The Oxford Union today and by all accounts he was his usual charming self




We don’t have a video of the interview yet (fingers crossed it will be coming soon). But the wonderful @BethEllenM from twitter was gracious enough to give us a summary
He is SINGLE!!!!
He became interested in acting from watching pantomime
His favorite pantomime is Aladdin and he’d love to be in a pantomime
He said “I’m Chuck Bass”
He loves Jamaica
He mentioned living with Chace Crawford for two years while filming Gossip Girl
His favorite Chuck Bass outfits were the pajamas and skull slippers but he didn’t get to keep anything
He prefers acting in film over acting in TV
He nearly didn’t go into acting because both football and his drama group were on Saturday. lol. But at 16 he started acting again
The Gossip Girl cast are all friends. Blake Lively is really bubbly and kept everyone motivated
If he could do anything from Gossip Girl in real life it would be to propose from the top of The Empire State Building
His description of himself in three words: FunWildNightmare  lol
@beccaallderx, a fan that’s been waiting 5 years to meet him shared this:
i was like “ed ed please can i get a photo” and he was like “sure thing darling” and then i took the selfie and he was like “is that alright” and then i nodded and he walked off so then my sister asked him for a selfie after we caught up with him and he was like “of course sweetheart” and then he took
another photo with someone else and then left in his car
he was so nice and friendly!
As I said, we don’t have the video interview yet but in the mean time, enjoy these 47 Pics (20 HQ/27 Fanpics). HUGE thank you to @EWFan4 on twitter for pulling so many of these fanpics together. If you aren’t following her you should be. Also enjoy this short vid I cobbled together of the instagram posts and tweets of Ed entering the room for his interview lol. It’s kinda goofy but I tried lol
~ A

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  1. PurpleBowties 3 years ago

    He looks so handsome! I still can’t get quite used to the blonde, but it looks good on him. I LOVED the words he used to describe himself, they sound pretty accurate, ahahah. Also, the comment about football made me laugh. Being a fan as well, I can understand him XD

  2. Ronnie 3 years ago

    Thank You for this…he looks so cute!

  3. SL 3 years ago

    ahh I love this! Really starting to dig the blonde hair xD


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